Recommendations from Florian Baertsch

Prayer, fire and preaching


On the Day of Pentecost, they prayed with each other, and the Holy Spirit fell in the form of flames of fire, and they were fully inflamed, and began to proclaim with great freedom the gospel of the kingdom of God and of Jesus Christ. 3000 people were baptized on the same day, and the Gospel exploded in Jerusalem and then in Judea and Samaria and soon throughout the Roman Empire.


When the Apostle Paul brought the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to Europe for the first time, he said that he prayed more (in languages) than all others. He was also one of the first communities established in Europe to write without ceasing (24/7) what they did, and the gospel was from this Greek city of Thessalonica in the whole of northern Macedonia and southern Greece (Achaia) announced.


This divine pattern of faithful prayer, God's answer with fire from the Holy Spirit, and a frank and powerful proclamation of the gospel, and a new coming of the kingdom of God, repeated the whole history of the Church throughout Europe and throughout the world.


In Bangor, Ireland, they prayed 300 years (500-800), and then the fire came, and the Iroquott monks brought the Gospel to the European nations with great authority. In the men's hat they prayed for 120 years from 1729 onwards, and then the fire came and the modern mission was born. Missionaries brought the Gospel to the extreme ends of the earth. When 1990 a hundred thousand began to pray for the area of he 10/40 window, which covers the geographic world of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, the fire fell and there was a spread and explosion of the gospel which lies above all entreaties and understanding.


And now we are facing a post-Christian Europe with its 700 million inhabitants, which has largely lost the gospel and has become one of the largest and most challenging areas of mission in the world.


Fire-fest-a prophetic act for Europe


Through a clear and precise vision that Ian Rowlands has received, the Lord has now invited and summoned his people again to a fresh call to this ancient original pattern of PRAYING FOR AND RECIEVEING THE FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT – AND THEN GOING AND ANNOUNCING. This vision has "called me internally" and I have a spontaneous and clear YES in the heart.

YES it is very good when we gather together to pray for Europe

YES, it is absolutely necessary that we receive again this Pentecostal Fire of the Holy Spirit

YES, it is clear that this fire of the Spirit and of intercession AND the proclamation of the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the last corner of Europe and the ends of the earth.


The main leaders and organization of FireFest: Ian, Anni and Pellé - three European prophetic intercessors



Ian and Jessica Rowlands were many yearspastors in Luton (England). They are one of the most gifted married couples and have a heart for "restoration" - whether for individuals, couples, communities, or as peace-makers in their cities or in different nations. Ian is a very gifted prophet with many years of experience of this ministry and a unique ability in interpreting, weighing and translating prophecy. He also loves to connect peoples hearts and ideas and go new innovative ways. Thus, under its leadership, a hub of young Entrepreuners has been released. However, Ian and his wife Jessica with their three adult children have also opened their home for many years and have many young people in their extended family whose lives they have invested in. In the early nineties when my wife and I attended a camp in England, we were introduced to Ian. He had a prophetic word for me at that time: "You have to listen to your wife" - I knew right away, now I met a real prophet. Years later we met Ian and Jessica again and a real long-term friendship ("Friends for life") began.



I have been married to Anni- Bärtsch for 33 years. By the way the most beautiful and exciting adventure ...

Anni is the mother of three adult children and a growing number of grandchildren. For almost ten years, we have set up our "tent" in the airport region of Zurich. "Mother Ann", as she is called by many, for many years has lived and loved to be on the road with the young generation. Anni is a passionate prophetic intercessor and practioner of the other ART.

As a certified strength coach, she is happy when she can help to ensure that individuals and teams are also released in their potential.



I have known Pellé for many years and he has a very powerful gift in bringing the kingdom of God. He has travelled extensively to many countries and has an extensive sense of the expanse of the kingdom of God. Focuses in his spiritual life and ministry are:

A pronounced friendship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

A central dimension of his life and ministry is a clear evangelistic and missionary gift.

Prayer as it is in his book "Friendships that change your world When men pray together and become friends" has been refreshingly and truly described.

Other Kingdom Tools in his life are business, art and coaching

Since Pellé lives in Lucerne, he represents the host region of Central Switzerland at the ‚fire station‘ and will address directly the heart of the vision and conference through his message.